WEST VIRGINIA (WTRF) — Congressman David McKinley is reintroducing a legislation on opioid prevention coined ‘No Pain’ which stands for non-opioids prevent addiction in the nation.

Mckinley says the COVID Pandemic has not only caused the opioid epidemic to grow, but also put this health crisis on the back burner to another. So– he’s making it a mission to try to understand how we can deal with pain.

He questions if maybe its physical therapy or non-addictive drugs all in an effort to find a better solution to reduce addiction here and all across the country.

Mckinley says the time in NOW to bring the opioid epidemic to the forefront again.

It’s a huge problem for us. So, I want to find ways that we can address it, and one way is looking at this piece of legislation that we’ve been leading, either co-chair or chair on numbers of pieces of legislation to do this. We’ve got to find a resolution to deal with our pain.


McKinley says there are no longer socioeconomic barriers to addiction– it crosses every family and we must work together to find a solution.