WHEELING, W.VA (WTRF) — Congressman Mckinley made a stop in Wheeling today with Congressman Paul Tonko from New York.

Congressman Tonko is a Democrat representing Albany, New York, and came to West Virginia to experience it in a bipartisan manner. Today’s goal was for both leaders to establish a respective relationship, and for Representative Tonko to hear from West Virginians firsthand about their strengths, assets, worry, and vision.

They’re hoping the Government can join together to come to a more common ground to help everyone. The main focus between the two is fossil fuels, as they are both leaders for their respective parties in the subcommittee for climate change.

Setting artificial deadlines like 20-30 and 20-35.. I can understand it. It’s politically driven, but let’s slow down now that you’ve seen it. You’ve talked to the coal miners in Shinnston, West Virginia. You talked to the railroad people down in Grafton, West Virginia. The impact that could have if we don’t have fossil fuels is part of it, because it’s not just coal.


There’s enough poor communication, and acrimony, and forces that divide us as representatives. So, to come to a common table of dialogue, and conversation and listening, is an important aspect to strengthening the opportunity to get things done.


Mckinley is hoping Congressman Tonko will take the things he’s learned about the Mountain State back to congress and help them to understand the impact taking fossil fuels away from us so quickly would do to the state.