TRIADELPHIA, W.VA. (WTRF) Christmas came early this year for over 150 children. Local law enforcement took these kids on a shopping spree to pick their favorite toys for Christmas.  

Tom Howard is the Ohio County Sheriff and President of the Wheeling Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 38. He says he has been a part of this program for 14 years and each year they’re able to help more and more families. 

Businesses and organizations donate to the cause which allows each child to get $100 worth of items.  Howard says this event allows them to see law enforcement in a different light and both departments are working to ensure these kids have a magical Christmas.  

Deputy Sheriff Josh Varner with the Ohio County Sheriff’s Department says the kids’ faces light up with excitement when they find their wish list items.

The big one that I’ve seen today is Godzilla and the Legos for Harry Potter which I’m huge Harry Potter fan so I am all for it.

I’m almost grabbed myself some but it’s all the action figures, the wrestlers, thing like that. Even some of the girls I took they wanted all the action figures. It’s very important just seeing them have a smile on their face makes all of us happy so, we do enjoy it.

Deputy Sheriff Josh Varner, Ohio County Sheriff’s Department

John Schultz, Chief Deputy Ohio County Sheriff’s Office says it’s an honor to be involved in these events. 

He says the Ohio County Sheriff’s Office cares about the community and their families and it’s important that they know we are here to help and support them. 

The parents that I’ve taken through with their children, they’re so glad that the FOP was able to provide help with their Christmas and they were kind of surprised that we even had this, they had not heard about our event with Cop and Kids.

It has been positive responses the kids have been super happy with us and I got hugs out of it so, it’s a good thing. I’m just glad that we are able to do this and the support from the people who donated money to us is making this happen so, we’ve got to thank all of them.

Chief Deputy John Schultz, Ohio County Sheriff’s Office

With all these different toys to choose from I wouldn’t even know where to start. It will definitely be a Christmas these kids won’t forget.