W.Va (WTRF) – Home heating bills along with rising food prices have many people worried about making ends meet this winter. However, one organization is there to make sure people get the help they need.

211 is a service offered by United Way-World Wide. It’s a resource for those needing social services or who happen to be behind on bills or Rent. Those in need of help can dial 211 and they will be put in touch with organizations that can help. The calls are anonymous but will require a certain amount of information to be paired with the proper service.

Most services are local, including Catholic Charities or House of the Carpenter.

“With this economy and inflation and everything. going on. A lot of people aren’t making it check to check. They are not making ends meet. They just need that little boost, that little bit of help. and that’s what we can do for them is to find the resources in their community.”

Melynda Sampson, United Way 211 Resource Specialist

If someone has a mobile phone that will not accept the 211 number, they can call the United Way at 833-848-9905.