JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) – Brian Goff and Joni Davis had been missing for three and a half years.

Their cell phone was pinged for the final time in the area of Little Rush Run, past the Rayland Marina. And although officials had searched that area numerous times, their car was never found until now.

Ironically, the Chaos Divers weren’t actually in the area for that case. They were across the river, on another cold case. “We were working on Karen Adams’ case out of East Liverpool,” said Jacob Grubbs of Chaos Divers.

But while they were in the area, they didn’t want to go back to Illinois before trying one more thing. “We turned to the other side,” said Grubbs. “We were aware of the case of Joni and Brian so we decided, hey, let’s go over and try to see if maybe we can locate ‘em.”

At 4 a.m. Thursday, they saw the image, and found Brian Goff’s Oldsmobile. “When I saw the sonar and I saw the car, it was a very big relief,” said Grubbs.

Chaos Divers work to find vehicles and bodies in cold cases, to provide closure for families. “We have brought six people home so far,” said Grubbs. “And we brought Brian and Joni home.”

They do this at no charge, and post their cases on YouTube. Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla expressed his gratitude, and made a donation to Chaos Divers.