Washington D.C. (WTRF) – Nearly 4 months have passed since the East Palestine train derailment, which brought the issue of railway safety to the public’s attention.

In response to the disaster, Ohio’s two Senators, Republican JD Vance and Democrat Sherrod Brown, have been working to pass the Railway Safety Act of 2023.

The bill would impose new safety standards to try and prevent accidents, as well as require proper notice to first responders when a derailment does occur so they know what they’re dealing with.

We spoke to Senator Vance about where the bill currently stands in the legislative process.

“What we’re really doing on our side, I think the bill could pass the Senate tomorrow if we wanted it to, but we’re trying to get it in a position where when the House takes it up later this summer, it’s in a position where the House could pass it as well. So we’re continuing to work on it. I think the legislation has moved so far very quickly through the legislative process here in D.C. and we’re going to keep on working it. Hopefully getting something to the President that he can sign by the end of the year.”


We will continue to follow the bill’s progress in Washington.