BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — 48 schools throughout the State of Ohio received the Governor’s Thomas Edison Award for Excellence in STEM Education.

And East Richland Christian Schools in Belmont County was one of those.

In order to qualify for the award, the school must conduct its own science fair and participate in a district-wide science fair.

That was no problem for East Richland Christian Schools.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics have always been a priority there.

They have won the Thomas Edison Award consistently for years.

And even before New Covenant Academy and Faith Community High School combined to form East Richland Christian…they focused strongly on STEM.

They say their students enjoy research-based science projects.

“We work on experimentation all through the winter and into the beginning of the year. They’ll be putting up their backboards and getting ready for a local fair. Every year we have multiple students that go to district and we always have some that compete at state level as well. “

Theresa Garrett | High School Science Teacher

“We really feel that it’s an important life skill for our students to learn, whether they go on in science or mathematics, just the fact that they are learning how to take a problem and work for solutions for that, and then do the research behind it.”

April Woods | Administrator/ Head of School

They say they use the scientific method–starting with a question, making a hypothesis and then testing to prove or disprove it.

East Richland Christian Schools have 220 students, pre-K through 12.

By the way, when a school wins the Edison Award, its teachers do too.

So congratulations to the students and teachers.