UVALDE, Texas (WTRF) — Sometimes it’s the little things, the extra effort, that helps to make a tragedy a bit more bearable.

Casket-maker Trey Ganem of SoulShine Industries is customizing 20 caskets, including those for 18 children, for the victims of last week’s Texas elementary school shooting, according to BuzzFeed. One child will not have a custom casket, but Ganem told the New York Post that he did not want to elaborate.

Twenty-one people were killed by a shooter at Robb Elementary School in the Texas border town including two teachers and 19 children.

Uvalde a mix of pride and anger as it grieves school attack

Ganem, 50, of Edna, Texas, worked with a Georgia casket company to supply all the child-size caskets in time for the upcoming funerals since larger quantities of smaller caskets are not typically stocked, he told BuzzFeed.

Ganem worked with his son non-stop to customize caskets, but a dozen volunteers came to his shop to paint, sand and work on the caskets, according to reports.

His custom caskets typically cost $3,400 to $3,800 each, but he and his son donated them to the Uvalde families, according to BuzzFeed.

The families chose designs that symbolize things their children liked including llamas, rainbows, dinosaurs and softball, say reports.

The designs are applied to a large wrap, like a sticker, then to the coffins.

Ganem told the New York Post that he is clairvoyant and has worked as a medium. He stars in a reality show on A&E called “Trey, The Texas Medium.” He says it’s “beautiful” to hear the families’ stories about their loved ones and feels “like I have become a part of their family,” he told the New York Post.

One report says funerals in Uvalde will start this week and end sometime in mid-June.