Washington D.C. (WTRF) – The fight continues in Washington over aid packages for both Israel and Ukraine.

House Republicans passed a $14.5 billion aid package on Thursday, but Senate Democrats say they won’t support it because it leaves out funding for Ukraine. Senate Majority Leader, Democrat Chuck Schumer, blasted the House bill, calling it “woefully inadequate,” and President Biden has promised to veto it.

7NEWS spoke with West Virginia Congressman Alex Mooney about the debate over stand-alone funding bills.

Representative Mooney says he is fully in support of helping out Israel, and also supports continued funding of Ukraine, provided the money is properly accounted for and other countries help out.

“But when it comes to funding for different countries, these are completely different issues. They should be separate bills. Funding for Israel, and funding for Ukraine and many other countries that are involved in conflicts are separate issues. So I think those should be separate.”

Rep. Alex Mooney, (W.V. 2nd Congressional District, R-WV)

Ohio Republican Senator JD Vance made a similar point when 7NEWS spoke to him back in October. He stated that linking these two subjects together makes it difficult to have an honest debate about either of them.

Stay with 7NEWS as we continue to track the Israel and Ukraine funding issue as it makes its way through Congress.