WHEELING W.Va. (WTRF) Some days it can be easy to look at the glass half empty. It’s one thing after another and you may be struggling to feel joyful this year.  

In troubling times like this it can be hard to keep moving forward. Community leaders say do not forget your faith because you can find comfort in God. This is a good time to rediscover your faith.  

Bishop Mark Brennan with the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston says despite all the bad in the world there is still joy out there.  

Trust the lord, trust his promise of internal life. Death will not have the last word over God’s people. Trust in that promise and when the Lord turns in glory then the bodies of the dead will be raised up and God willing, we all join with the Lord in heaven.

Bishop Mark Brennan, Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston 

He says they will be having a special collection to go towards those affected by the tornados in Kentucky. He says that is just one sign of hope that the community is creating help others in these times of tragedy.  

Rabbi Joshua Lief with Temple Shalom says the reality is bad things happen in the world. He says rather than asking why bad things happen, it’s better to acknowledge how we respond to it.  

In the face of the loss of so many fellow Americans due to the Coronavirus over the last year and a half, we can give thanks to those of our medical personal who are working to help those who are sick. We can give thanks for our own health; we can appreciate our family members while we have them with us.

Rabbi Joshua Lief, Temple Shalom

Rev. Darrell Cummings with the Bethlehem Apostolic Temple says he knows that better days are coming.

I believe he wants us to know, it’s not always going to be like this. That no matter what we’re going through right now, this is just one chapter of our lives, this will not be our life.

Rev. Darrell Cummings, Bethlehem Apostolic Temple

Although this time can be trying, there is hope. After the rain comes the rainbow.