WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – There are a lot of new and exciting things happening around the Ohio Valley, and a unique concept has just sprouted up in Wheeling.

Do you like yoga and delicious food? Well I have good news, because there’s a brand new yoga studio/restaurant in Wheeling, and they have created a unique and fun atmosphere that anyone can enjoy.

“So the idea was formed around blending our two interests and worlds together of food and fitness, and there was nowhere around here that offered that.”

Donn McCombs, Owner of Flying Spoon / Yoga Instructor

Owner Donn McCombs and her husband Clayton wanted to create something new and fun for the fine folks of the Friendly City. Flying Spoon is a yoga studio and restaurant that features a very visually appealing atmosphere unlike any other in town.

“He has been collecting things and being very resourceful and creative with reusing wood from our garage, to just old mining stuff he’s found. We wanted to keep a bit of old, nostalgic Wheeling, on top of industrial.”

DONN MCCOMBS, Owner of Flying Spoon, Yoga Instructor

But the heart of Flying Spoon is the yoga. Their classes are open to all skill levels, from beginners, to the well-travel yogi. The workouts are low impact, but you can get a great sweat and do some superb stretching to keep your body in shape for the long haul.

“I love the vibe, I like that it’s very inviting. It’s fun, so we have fun when we teach yoga. We don’t want people to feel like it’s the type of class where you have to come and everything’s serious. We laugh, we joke, all that cool stuff.”

KIM ASTON, Yoga Instructor

The restaurant side of the business just opened a few weeks ago, and right now they’re offering a limited menu starting with a few sandwiches. They’ll be rotating the menu each week to get a feel for what the public likes best.

“It is healthier, meaning we’re not deep frying anything. We try to keep it as fresh as possible; however, there is the side that kind of stands for this whole business of there are some indulgent things. You want to find that balance, so not everything is just completely clean and just veggies and fruits, so there are options for hopefully everyone.”

Donn McCombs, Owner of Flying Spoon, Yoga Instructor

But whether you go for a good workout or a great sandwich, you’ll have a memorable time at Flying Spoon.

Flying Spoon is also available to rent for special events like birthdays, bachelorette parties or anything else you can think of. You can even book a yoga instructor for the day..

Flying Spoon is located at 87 33rd Street in Wheeling. To see when they’re open and what classes are being offered, you can follow the Flying Spoon on Facebook.