BRIDGEPORT, Ohio (WTRF) — He was a six-time state golf champion.

Kyle Quilausing of Hawaii says he got arrogant and entitled, and things went downhill dramatically. He told his life story to students at Bridgeport High School on Wednesday, thanks to the Belmont County Schools Staying Clean Club.

He was thrown out of high school and got addicted to crystal meth. He was put in jail, and he escaped from jail. This young man who was once an elite golfer ended up as Hawaii’s most wanted criminal.

He spent ten years in prison, two of those years in solitary. And now he has a serious message for young people. 

” Choose to not let someone’s opinions and perceptions about you affect your goals and dreams. Humble yourselves so you can be of service. People make choices and choices make people. I believe you are one choice away from a different life.”

Kyle Quilausing – Motivational Speaker

He said when he got out of prison, his mother came to pick him up and didn’t recognize him. He was covered with tattoos and had lost his teeth. His motto, now on hats and T-shirts all over Hawaii, is Stay Humble Pray. He urged the students to reach out to him on Instagram. 

He said you’re always one decision away from a different life.