Washington D.C. (WTRF) – The political battle to select a Speaker of the House continues in Washington D.C.

California Republican Kevin McCarthy has now lost 13 votes for the position thanks to several Republican hold outs.

7NEWS spoke with former Ohio Republican Congressman Bob Ney, who believes that ultimately McCarthy will become speaker, but will face a tough challenge as Speaker thanks to concessions he’s already made. Notably, under new rules, a motion to oust McCarthy as Speaker could be made by a single member of Congress.

“I fear that they have now taken the institution of the speaker, and they have just stripped it down to nothing. They have changed things to the point where, you know, it’s not good for the system, it’s good for one, or two, or three or four individuals, and that’s a problem. This is about personal gain, political entertainment, it’s not about public policy for some of these people. Not all of them, but for a small group of them.”

Bob Ney, Former GOP Congressman from Ohio

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