(WTRF) — From mannequins that can simulate giving birth to a major announcement from Wheeling’s Chamber of Commerce, it’s been a week of excitement!  

It started as racial slurs reportedly appearing on social media, then yelling them at football games. And now officials at Marshall County Schools want it stopped. 

Previous: Reports of racial slurs have prompted community to take action

Community members are being called from all walks of life to form a task force on racism and discrimination. 

“Social media, TikTok, Snapchat are not helping the issue. And so, we realized that this is a community issue that flows over into school.” 

Marshall County Schools Superintendent Dr. Shelby Haines 

“And if they don’t stop looking at the color of their skin and start looking at their hearts, we’ll never get it right,”  

Eugene Saunders, Moundsville council member

It involves everyone from the county prosecutor to the chamber of commerce, from city council to the NAACP, and from school board members and teachers to kids and parents. There will be more meetings and you’re welcome to attend. 

PREVIOUS: West Virginia now has a mannequin that gives birth to help EMTs

A rare truck just arrived at West Virginia Northern Community College and all who touch it are saying it’s a game-changer for the state.  

This mobile ambulance simulator is funded through a grant by Governor Jim Justice, as part of his Answer the Call initiative, to hopefully spike the EMS workforce in the state.    

So, what does a $100,000 mannequin look like? 

“We can put in IVs, he will cry. We can put in a catheter. He can urinate. There’s blood. We can make him bleed. He can seize, talk, blink eyes. Other than walking, like robotics, there’s not much we can’t simulate.”  


West Virginia Northern EMS Director Linda Steele says she is pumped for the technology that can now travel to her students throughout all of the Ohio Valley. 

It has already doubled the number of EMT students signing up for classes next semester at Northern. 

In Ohio, Catholics are lamenting devastating news. 

PREVIOUS: Bishop Monforton reacts to Dioceses merger between Steubenville and Columbus

The Diocese of Steubenville will be merging with the Diocese of Columbus. 

“My heart is broken. It feels like there is a hole in my soul, put it that way. But I would be negligent if I didn’t resolve the situation.” 


Church officials say the declining population and hard economic times are to blame. 

Bishop Monforton says a merger will not affect local parishes and schools and there are no plans to close churches. 

PREVIOUS: Despite construction, Wheeling’s Christmas parade will roll on!

To the shock of some and delight of many, Wheeling’s Christmas Parade is still a go! Despite the major street project, The Main Street Bank Fantasy In Lights Parade will step off just after 6 p.m., Friday, Nov. 18. 

Laurie Conway, director of marketing and communications at the chamber, said the parade will take a slightly shorter course this year, turning from Market to Main Street at 12th Street instead of 10th, to avoid some major street work. 

By the way, you still have time to sign up your organization’s float but do so soon! 

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