WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — It’s official.

The announcement came straight from West Virginia Governor Jim Justice’s mouth Tuesday that construction on Wheeling’s Streetscape Project will move forward this fall.

This project is many years in the making and a game changer for the city and maybe even for the entire Ohio Valley.

“It’s finally coming to fruition after four years worth of work.”

WV Sen. Ryan Weld, R-1st District

It will beautify that town beyond belief and then I’m sure it will additionally grow.

Gov. Jim Justice, R-WV

West Virginia State Senator Ryan Weld and Governor Jim Justice are talking about the governor’s seal of approval Tuesday for the bid award for Wheeling’s long-awaited Streetscape Project.

The big goes to Triton Construction Inc., a low bid of $31.9 million.

It has been four years of work from Weld, Wheeling Mayor Glenn Elliott, the city manager, and other city officials along with West Virginia Department of Transportation officials.

The governor and the senator agree the Streetscape Project will encourage more people to come and explore this amazing area while stimulating the local economy at the same time.

A lot of people stepped up and really worked hard on this and kept this at the forefront made sure that it wasn’t forgotten made sure that the money was there for this project. I’m really I’m just happy to see that are all this time it’s coming come to fruition because again it is sorely needed.

WV Sen. Ryan Weld, R-1st District

The project will include ADA-compliant curb cuts, widened sidewalks and decorative brickwork along Main Street and Market Street between 10th and 16th streets downtown–all of that plus decorative traffic signals, plants and trees.

The Department of Highways was awarded what is called a federal RAISE grant of $16.25 million for the project.

The city of Wheeling is investing $1.9 million of its own money for the construction work on the project and another $100,000 toward design and engineering costs.

Senator Weld says the city’s commitment, may in fact, be one of the reasons the governor made the decision to move forward.

The governor, said Tuesday that the project is near and dear to his heart and at the end of the day he promised to get this done, and now the state is ready to get the ball rolling.

A great project for the city of Wheeling and more and more good things are happening in that area. We just absolutely want to take care of that town and make it just that much better.

Gov. Jim Justice, R-WV

In essence, the Streetscape Project will affect more than just a few city streets. It will in fact, put Wheeling on the map when it comes to a city that offers people endless possibilities…and in the end is a win, win for all of West Virginia.

This amount of investment over $30 million release going to be a game changer for downtown Wheeling in for this area at-large. When an area like that is revitalized, it spurs action in other areas and so I think that you’re going to see a lot more come from this project than just what’s being done downtown.

(WV Sen. Ryan Weld, (R)-1st District