MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (WTRF) – Governor Jim Justice walked into a Moundsville courtroom with Babydog, but he quickly launched into Amendment Two, calling it “toxic.”

He said state senate leaders claimed the car tax could be eliminated, just to fool the voters.

They deceived you. They basically hid what they were doing. They don’t care about the car tax. They don’t care a bit about the car tax.

Governor Jim Justice, (R) West Virginia

He said they even bragged about their cleverness.

Saying here’s how we can get their vote. We’ll say we’re going to put the car tax with it, and people will vote for it for sure then.

Governor Jim Justice, (R) West Virginia

Ironically, Justice said if Amendment Two passes, he himself would profit immensely.

Honest to goodness, my companies, you’re gonna give millions of dollars. Millions! And I’m the one standing here saying don’t do it. Don’t do it.

Governor Jim Justice, (R) West Virginia

He said it will benefit big businesses and out-of-state corporations.

Justice said his own bill will send you back your car tax as soon as you pay it.

We will rebate you back, dollar for dollar, cent for cent, immediately.

Governor Jim Justice, (R) West Virginia

One person asked why state senate leaders have pushed Amendment Two.

Justice said it’s all about catering to big money given by big business.

You know, ‘you get this passed, we’ll support you in your gubernatorial campaign, we’ll support you in whatever.’

Governor Jim Justice, (R) West Virginia

He called the system “the swamp,” and said that’s how things are done.

He said Amendment Two is about eliminating the machinery inventory tax that companies have to pay. The Governor explained companies are moving into the Mountain State right now, and not one of them has ever asked about the state’s machinery inventory tax.

In the end, he let people come up and take selfies with Babydog.

He said he is sometimes asked why he takes Babydog everywhere with him. Justice said if he didn’t bring her, people would probably riot.