TRIADELPHIA, W.Va. (WTRF) – The last time the Bills and Bengals met face-to-face ended in the tragic collapse of Damar Hamlin on the field. Tonight – Buffalo and Cincinati fans come together once again but the narrative has been flipped from foes to friends. 

Damar Hamlin’s light shines through the darkness and fans around the nation were inspired by his charitability. Especially for Bengals fan Emily McGaha and Bills fan Erin Oliver who created “Hearts 4 Hamlin & Higgins”– a campaign raising money for the American Heart Association. 

Just hours after the collision of Tee Higgins and Damar Hamlin at Paycor Stadium, fans created a Facebook group called ‘Bills/Bengals We Stand Together’ and it now has accepted over 1,000 members. 

Through it, fans have expressed that this is bigger than just two teams, and it doesn’t have any geographic constraints.

Local fans may not see their favorite team in the playoffs, but a cause like this is bringing people together even in the Ohio Valley. 

”It shows that there’s still good people out there, that not everybody has to hate each other for political reasons and all that other stuff that’s going on right now. So, I think it’s a good thing.”

Jeff Olkosky – Pittsburgh, PA

Creators Emily and Erin have stated that they are now friends forever through their $385,000 campaign goal – 3 for Damar Hamlin and 85 for Tee Higgins. 

If it were not for quick action and collaboration, Hamlin’s recovery would not be as remarkable as it was, so the funds raised are going towards the American Heart Association’s mission as well as CPR training.