MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Multi-million dollar improvements are moving along briskly at WVU Medicine Reynolds Memorial Hospital.

One of those that is now complete is the helipad for emergency medical flights.

Douglass Harrison, President and CEO of the hospital, says they can now accept flights in a safe and controlled manner.

“In the past at Reynolds, those helicopters would have to land in the field in the back on grass and it was, they call a blind, a blind landing from the pilot’s perspective because can you imagine at night not knowing where to land so this helipad is a great addition to our clinical services.”

Douglass Harrison
President & CEO, WVU Medicine Wheeling & Reynolds Memorial Hospitals

Harrison said this helipad will allow medical helicopters to land 24/7 in a well-lit area. He said it will also be a better patient experience because the crew won’t have to roll the patient over grass. They will now be rolled on a smooth concrete surface into the hospital.