WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)– See a pothole in the road or perhaps your street is filled with litter, now you can easily inform city officials of problems in your area. 

At Tuesday’s meeting, City Council Representative, Ben Seidler introduced a new 311 platform.  

It is an app called “Gov Alert,” which allows community members to send requests and track their progress quickly and efficiently.  

He says cleaning up our neighborhoods is his number one priority and who knows the area that needs fixed up better than the people living there.  

He gave a step-by-step tutorial during the meeting.  

It took him roughly thirty seconds to complete a request ticket. 

It allows people to get online and log a ticket to have a pothole repaired or get trash picked up or report a blighted building or a dilapidated building.

It’s got a lot of efficiencies in the back end that allow our code enforcement office to go on site and they can perform an inspection right from their mobile device.

They can do it right from an iPad. By the time they leave that site, the violation letter is sitting on the printer upstairs and dropped in the mail the same day, so it has an incredible amount of productivity and efficiency.

Ben Seidler, City Council Rep. Ward 2 

This makes it easy for them to inform the city of problems and even check the process on their request. 

He says it’s going to result in major improvements in our community by simply shortening that response time. 

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