WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — The Heritage Music Blues Fest wrapped up quite a successful weekend on Sunday, August 13, as people from all over came out to enjoy some very special musicians.

Music is one thing that often brings a community together for many reasons.

This weekend Wheeling saw several communities come together to celebrate something that they all had in common. 

The Heritage Music Blues Fest has seen many music fans from all over in past years, and that showing continued this year.  

”We’ve been doing it for 20 years. We love it. This is one of the best venues we been. We go to blues festivals all over, and this is one of our favorites.”

Susan Kuhn | Erie, PA

The excitement that surrounds the festival each year brings hope to many for this genre of music. 

”It’s amazing to me, I mean because a lot of people will say that the blues is dying, but the blues ain’t never going to die because the world’s got too many problems. And as long as you know how to sell it, make it feel good. Blues ain’t going nowhere. It’s great to see not only older people but there’s a lot of young folk running around here enjoying some good music as well.” 

Brian Peters | Lead Singer for Deuce’n a Quarter

The music being played at the festival is just a part of what brings so many people together to enjoy such an amazing event in a city that has become a big attraction for many.  

”The river, the beauty, the trees. It’s just a beautiful place. Everybody’s friendly. The music is amazing. Every day for three days. It’s an awesome festival.”

Susan Kuhn | Erie, PA

”Sometimes I think we are so lucky that the world doesn’t know about Wheeling because if they did, they’d all want to move here.”

Ron Wilson | Judge in First Traditional Circuit

Throughout many years several communities have become one large community, thanks to the great City of Wheeling and the talented artists that come out to share their talents every summer.