WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) -They might be from all the way in Southern West Virginia, but one college is investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Northern Panhandle. 

Bluefield State College stopped in Wheeling Tuesday with the announcement.

It’s the ‘Ohio Valley Educational Opportunity Scholarship’ with an allotted $250,000 for this region. 

Students from the top of our state can travel to the southern part of West Virginia to become engineers.

Last two years we’ve been meeting with the employers of this area and the students of this area about the employer’s need to train a well-developed workforce. And, the students desire to take engineering technology programs. Currently there are not engineering technology programs in the Northern Panhandle. 

Ted Lewis, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs at Bluefield State College

From there, Bluefield State is also opening a new grant program and customized trainings for local employers. 

School officials have met with over a dozen employers in the Northern Panhandle.  

They hope it provides jobs for the engineers and workers for the industry here such as the Marcellus Shale field. 

To be able to train the people that are unemployed. They might have a small skill set but to be able to put them across the line, to be able to move and apply for jobs.

Joey Hazelwood, Department Chair at Bluefield State and Professor of Engineering

There have already been two scholarship recipients!  

Ashlie Louden, a graduate from Beallsville High School, and Katrina Davis, a graduate from Bellaire High School. 

To apply for grants or scholarships, call 304-327-4161.