MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va (WTRF) – It was an exciting day for Moundsville as Aldi opened their doors for the very first time Thursday morning.

Before letting the hundreds of customers in line into the store for the first time, managers cut a ribbon to celebrate their grand opening.

Smiles, excitement, joy and laughter filled the air Thursday morning as customers hustled their way into the new Aldi in Moundsville.  

The first 100 customers through the door got a “golden ticket” with varied amounts of money off with the biggest coupon being $100.  

There was so much excitement surrounding this grand opening that some residents began waiting outside the store as early as 3 o’clock in the morning.   

(AM: How long have you been waiting here?) “Oh, since 3 o’clock this morning. (AM: What was your inspiration behind doing that? Why were you here so early?) “Well, I just was excited about it, and I wasn’t sleeping truthfully. And I thought, oh, hey, this is the day that I need to be over there. Everything is so neat and so nice, and their food is delicious.” 

Joanne Bonar | Moundsville Resident

Moundsville residents are excited to have another option for shopping, saying Aldi offers a unique variety of products you can’t find anywhere else.  

A lifelong resident of Moundsville, Sally Arnold, says it’s been awesome getting to witness the development in the city over the years.  

She shared a story about travelling to Switzerland with a friend a few years ago and was shocked when she found and Aldi store – which sparked her interest in their products.  

“I’m just excited about like international things that they have, you know, like they’ll have things like candy bars and different olives and different things just like that that you’re not going to find in our local stores.” 

Sally Arnold | Moundsville Resident

Moundsville City Manager, Rick Healy, also attended Aldi’s grand opening and even got a private tour of the store before customers were allowed in and says he thinks people will be amazed by the assortment of products.  

“Anytime there’s a new business that opens in the city, it’s beneficial to a lot of people, our residents, visitors, but also the city tax dollars, things like that are always beneficial to the city. But I think the fact that this store is now open and all of these people coming here, it’s awesome to welcome all those people to Moundsville.” 

Rick Healy | Moundsville City Manager

To celebrate their grand opening, the Moundsville Aldi is offering one lucky customer the opportunity to win a $500 gift card. Customers have until Sunday to sign up. They’re open every day between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.