NEW YORK (WTRF) — Reports say a 47-year-old man allegedly vandalized Hunter Biden’s art gallery in the SoHo section of New York City and accosted an employee there.

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Rodrick Webber, was detained Friday afternoon after he reportedly defaced artwork in the gallery and then allegedly attacked an employee who confronted him, say reports.

Although police believe Webber was targeting Hunter Biden’s artworks, he did not damage any of them but did manage to spray paint the word “Daddy” on another painting, authorities say. Webber wanted to paint the phrase, “Daddy is a war criminal;” this what he reportedly told police.

The NYPD said Webber is facing charges of criminal mischief and assault.

Some experts estimate that Hunter Biden’s artworks could sell for up to $500,000 each.

The White House stated that Hunter Biden will not reveal the names of the purchasers to his father, but this still raises ethical questions since some art curators believe such a high price for amateur artwork is based on political motivations and Hunter Biden’s last name, say reports.