WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — A staple of Wheeling that has been around for decades is getting a brand-new look.

7News reporter Jake McGlumphy takes us to the Bridge Tavern and Grill to share what renovations have been made to the historic building and what customers can look forward to.  

The Bridge Tavern has been one of the most popular places to eat, drink, and gather for many in the Ohio Valley throughout many years.

The Tavern originally opened for business in 1961 under what was then the Wheeling Hotel.

In 2016, a pair of brothers purchased the building and began fully renovating the entire establishment. The only part they didn’t renovate was the restaurant and bar portion of the building, which they began earlier this year.

”Memorial Day of this year, we shut the bar down and brought the construction crews in and completely gutted the bar and restaurant. And that’s what you’re seeing now, is a renovated restaurant.”

Mike Carl | Co-Owner, Bridge Tavern and Grill

In the renovation, the owners worked very hard to keep it as authentic as they possibly could. 

”A lot of the stuff that you see on the walls here has been here since 1961. Took it all down, cleaned it all, redid the paintings that were on the wall, had those reframed. And then we put all the stuff back that was there before. The only thing that probably looks a little different if you’ve been here before is the brick, the exposed brick on the back wall.”

Mike Carl | Co-Owner, Bridge Tavern and Grill

One of the main goals of the remodel was to keep the touches of home that many in the Ohio Valley associate with the Tavern.

”One of the things we really strived for was when we did the remodel, we had to update bring everything into code that we still wanted to have that same warmth and eclectic feel that the bridge tavern’s always had.”

Doug Carl | Co-Owner, Bridge Tavern and Grill

Food used to be prepared in the bar area, but now the owners have added a full kitchen with all new equipment.

”Now all the cooking, instead of the lunch counter, which was done out front, all the cooking will be done in the kitchen. We have a brand-new kitchen, new fryers, new flat tops, convection ovens, all that stuff and all the cooking will be done in the kitchen now. So, we move that to here. So, we knew the restaurant was going to change. What we wanted to keep was the dive bar look in the back.” 

Mike Carl | Co-Owner, Bridge Tavern and Grill

The official opening of the Tavern is a day that the owners are very excited about, and they look forward to seeing the faces of many who call the Tavern home. 

”For us, it’s like a kid on Christmas Eve ready to unveil that package the next day. So, we can’t wait to open up our doors for an official opening. And welcome everybody back in for dinner and for drinks and for laughs and for hugs and just good time and good cheer.”

Doug Carl | Co-Owner, Bridge Tavern and Grill

The bar portion of the Tavern is currently open to a limited capacity during the renovation Tuesday – Saturday from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.