RAYLOND, Ohio (WTRF) – A project that has unknowingly been nearly two decades in the making is working towards giving pets and their owners the best experience together as possible. 

‘Samaritan for Pets’ is a local nonprofit that founder Ken Suters created with one main goal in mind – to carry on the legacy of his dog Sam, who passed away in 2017. 

They cover pet adoption fees through donations, and make every adoptee a “Friend of Sam,” with special perks to be treated like royalty such as a ride in their limo, qualifying for special rates with Ohio Valley partners, and assisting in vet and medical bills. 

With the help of marketing director Barbara Roman, Ken has big dreams for Samaritan for Pets – and they need your help. 

”I will not take a penny from this. And it is not about financial gain. It is about gain in my heart that this helps me heal, ad when I know that Sam has helped me show the people what he was and give them, essentially a piece of him.”

Ken Suter – Founder/Executive Director, Samaritan for Pets

”If it doesn’t touch your heart, there is something wrong. I hear him [Ken] talk about how Sam loved pets and he wanted to meet every single one of them. Wouldn’t it be nice if people acted like Sam did? That touched my heart.”

Barbara Roman – Marketing Director, Samaritan for Pets

Their ribbon cutting is tomorrow, January 17th at noon at the Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce Office. 

They are based out of Jefferson County, Ohio, but do not have a specific location to call home yet. 

Donate and support their mission by going to their Facebook page: (1) Samaritan For Pets | Rayland OH | Facebook