WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Local grassroots organizations joined together this weekend to host an educational community event on the Inflation Reduction Act. 

Folks learned about the expansion of the USDA’s program that helps rural small businesses and farmers go solar and the improvements to the solar investment tax credit. 

These federal moneys present benefits for households, community organizations, and municipal and county government. 

These organizations hope that this conversation activates community members and elected officials to start applying for this money because it is coming in fast, and they don’t want to miss out. 

”I’m really happy to see the passage of the most historic clean energy bill in United States history, but what’s most important is that it’s actually implemented and implemented in a fair way, and so we just want to make sure that West Virginia doesn’t miss out on these opportunities and that the benefits actually flow into our state and not just the rest of our country.”

Morgan King – Climate Campaign Coordinator, West Virginia Rivers Coalition

More information can be found at Common Defense, WV Rivers , WV Citizen Action Group , EEWV I Energy Efficient WV, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Solar United Neighbors, and WV New Jobs Coalition.