Washington D.C. (WTRF) – Now that Congress has finally selected a new Speaker of the House, the legislative wheels are turning in Washington once again.

Issues like funding for Israel and Ukraine are hot topics, but West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito is pushing for action on another pressing issue: the southern border.

She says the next round of bills has to address the continually deteriorating situation at the US-Mexico border. She notes that last month alone 269,000 migrants were apprehended, the highest number in history.

“I mean we keep saying this, ‘this is the highest number ever,’ and it keeps getting higher and higher, and the administration is not making the significant moves to try to deter people from coming into this country. It is an open border, essentially, and it can’t be that, it’s dangerous. We have to look at our own national security, known terrorists have been apprehended there. That is frightening in and of itself.”


Capito expects this issue to be front and center in the halls of Congress over the next few weeks.

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