Washington D.C. (WTRF) – There’s a major spotlight on US auto workers right now as members of United Auto Workers union go on strike until they get a new deal.

Ohio Senator JD Vance supports their demand for higher wages, but also says there is a massive elephant in the room for American auto workers: electric vehicles.

The Biden Administration actively supports the rapid transition of EVs for environmental reasons, but Senator Vance notes a problem with that policy.

A huge chunk of the EV supply chain is concentrated in China. Not only does that threaten American manufacturing jobs, but production in China is environmentally dirtier than in the US, which could negate any benefits gained by adopting EVs.

“What we’re actually talking about doing is destroying the jobs of Ohio auto workers, shipping their jobs to China to manufacture these vehicles, it’s a lose-lose proposition. You harm Ohio auto workers, you also make the economy dirtier by doing more manufacturing in China, I don’t understand it. I don’t think it makes any sense, and I think Ohio auto workers understand they’re really getting the short end of the stick.”

Sen. JD Vance, (R-OH)

Vance thinks the UAW workers have a unique opprotunity at the moment to push back against what he calls the “premature transition to EVs,” arguing that it would help Ohio auto workers by helping to secure the future of their jobs.

He also believes it will be good for ordinary consumers by keeping their costs down.