JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department is joining in on the nationwide ‘No Shave November” campaign.

Officials say the original campaign started back in 2009 in Chicago when a family started the organization as a way to raise money for cancer after a family member passed away.

Locally, they are doing it to help with their Jefferson County Sheriff Reserves Toy Drive.

All proceeds will benefit children who will receive toys and other items locally for Christmas and the holidays.

“It’s fun. I mean, you spend 11 months out of the year half to be clean shaven and everything else. It’s nice to be able to just kind of cut loose and and grow a beard out. And there’s the competition between everybody in the office on who’s beard will look better at the end. And then we do have the sheriff is doing a small competition for whoever raises the most money gets a gift at the end of November.”

Sgt. Douglas Viola | Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department

If you’d like to donate to this fundraiser, you can contact a Deputy or Corrections Officer and make your donation to them.

You can also stop at the Justice Center Monday through Friday, 9-3, and go to the front desk.

If you are writing a check, make it out to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Reserves and memo: No Shave November.

The campaign runs till November 30.

The sheriff’s department is also warning about a scam that’s going around. They say a deputy will never call you and ask for a donation for No Shave November. It is a scam and do not give them any money.