Performer Jelly Roll has skyrocketed in the country charts with his latest album, Whittsit Chapel, his lyrics deeply connecting with fans.

According to American Song Writer, this connection is not one-sided. He knows that his fanbase is why he can now afford the life he leads. He recently proved his devotion to his fans by offering to pay the bail for one fan who got a little carried away at his Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Several attendees at the concert witnessed a man climb the steep roof of the venue, posting clips of the stunt on TikTok.

According to American Song Writer fan Bridgette Hall posted the clip with the caption, “Whoever this is at the Jelly Roll concert 9/30 at Blossom, I NEED to know If you got arrested.” Jelly Roll saw the video and replied, offering to bond him out. His wife, Bunnie Xo, also asked for updates.

Taste of Country reports that another fan commented that the man got arrested, but it is unknown whether or not Jelly Roll got him out of jail.

American Song Writer also says that this is not Jelly Roll’s first time helping inmates. He recently donated everything needed to install a recording studio to the Davidson County Juvenile Detention Center, where he spent time in his youth.

He recently revealed in an interview with People Every Day podcast that some of his first lyrics were written behind bars, and he experienced his first rap battle as well. As one of country music’s biggest names, he hoped to give current and future inmates access to the outlet that saved him.