A major steel company might be paving the way for economic opportunities, but how?

Nucor Steel made a major announcement Wednesday: The company might establish a transit processing center in this area, but as far as it actually happening… that’s left to be said.

If it does get built, the transit facility would go somewhere in the Northern Panhandle. There’s a lot of rail and river access around here, which Senator Ryan Weld says is good for building a facility like this. Senator Weld also says by being in the Northern Panhandle it would be close to I-70, I-79, and Route 22.

It’s still unclear when or even if it will get built, but either way Senator Weld supports it.

“It’s a great thing to be part of the announcement… that they are considering the facility. Nucor has a very good track record of performing on the promises and delivering on the promises they make when coming to a new state. I think this has the potential to be a very good thing for the Northern Panhandle.”

Sen. Ryan Weld, (R) West Virginia

Senator Weld says this is also a good thing job-wise.

If this does fall into place, it’s still unclear where it would go in the Northern Panhandle. Stay with 7News for any updates on this.