BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — There’s a new way to help homeless animals and receive help at the same time.

People who are moving or downsizing and wanting to sell their furniture…can let the Belmont County Humane Society do the selling….and share the profits.

The Humane Society is now receiving antiques, bedroom furniture, living room suites, dining room sets and many other furnishings.

“Well basically what we started doing, it’s a 70-30 split, if you come in and we take pictures and we put it on Marketplace and then we sell it without touching it. If we have to go in and haul it away and store it in a storage unit, it becomes opposite, we get 70% and they get 30%.”

Angela Hatfield, Executive Director, Belmont County Humane Society

The Belmont County Humane Society rescues and re-homes homeless cats and kittens.

They are experiencing a huge influx of kittens right now–many not in good condition, and one vet bill can be substantial.

The Humane Society operates the Fur Pets’ Sake consignment store in St. Clairsville, to help fund their continued operation.