WHEELING, W.Va. — A Wheeling family recently survived a catastrophic explosion and house fire that left them and their beloved pet dog, Ace, severely injured and homeless.

Ashley DeAngelis and Timmy Goldbaugh lost everything on October 23 when their house suddenly exploded. The couple, who were in the house with their 6-year-old German Shepard, were able to escape with only their lives, but all suffered injuries.

Everyone is recovering, although Ace suffered the worst injuries. He was burned over 30% of his body and is currently being treated at KEY Animal Hospital.

Dr. Yurko recently gave an update on Ace, stating that he recently underwent surgery to manage the dead skin under his tail and belly but will require more surgery to clean and debride his ears. He says it will take some time to manage the skin as it heals, but Ace is expected to make a full recovery.

Thanks to donations from the generous community and Dr. Yurko at KEY, Ace’s treatments and recovery are covered, but the couple is still left with no home and no clothing or possessions.

To help Ashley and Tim get back on their feet, an account, Timmy and Ashley Fire Fund has been set up at Wesbanco, with all donations going directly to the family.

Any donation will help this family rebuild their lives.

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