WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Joe Canestraro currently represents the fourth district in the House of Delegates.

However, Canestraro will step down at the end of his term and campaign for Marshall County Prosecutor.

Christian Turak of Gold Khourey and Turak announced Monday that he will look to fill the void left in the fourth district.

Although there are several road projects ongoing, Turak says keeping those repaired roads in good condition will be his main focus.

As an oil and gas attorney, Turak mentions his cases as inspiration to introduce new legislation for oil and gas rights.

I was thinking a lot about my life and how much this community has given to me. I realized I had an opportunity to give back to the community. So, that’s what I did. I stepped up to the plate and throw my hat in the ring. What’s going to happen to our roads in the future? Are they going to be allowed to fall into disrepair again? There’s a lot of things that we can do, and I’m excited to get started on them.

Christian Turak, an attorney at Gold Khourey and Turak, L.C.