(WTRF) — Student loan debt can be crushing to many college graduates.

So there are issues that students need to consider before entering college.

A local finance expert says if you need to take out a college loan, think carefully about the major you choose.

He says you’ll need to choose a profession in something that can provide you with a decent living.

“If you accrue so much debt to get that, and then whatever your major or chosen profession is doesn’t pay so that you can live a normal life, pay your rent, pay for your car, or pay for your food and then cover that student debt, you may want to sit down and re-think what your chosen profession is.”

Jason Haswell | Managing Director | The Monteverde Group

Haswell says many students take five or even six years to get through college rather than four.

And that increases their debt dramatically.

He says if you don’t have a career with a decent salary, in his words, “you’re behind the eight ball from the start.”

He says students need to be more cognizant of their major, and whether it will bring in enough money to pay off their student loans.