A special group of students from Cameron High School donated a tool that is going to help many area breast cancer patients.  

The Applied Design and Fashion class from Cameron High School designed and assembled mastectomy pillows for the breast cancer center at WVU Medicine.

The students in the class say they got the idea after discovering one of their classmate’s mothers was battling breast cancer.

They say they made around two pillows per class, stuffing and sewing them.

The class made roughly 20 pillows for the hospital and shared what it meant to help people in need.

“It feels good, you know like always helping people always feels good, I don’t remember a time when it hasn’t, you know.”

Bo O’Neil – Senior, Cameron High School

”We will use these for our new breast cancer patients to take home with them, to use in their car as seatbelt covers to protect their new incisions.”

Kyla Morris – Program Coordinator, Breast Care Center WVU Medicine

The students say they are grateful to be able to make an impact on their community.