BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — Zac Shutler, Union Local School Superintendent, recently had an article published in the Air Force Journal.

It outlined the importance of leadership coaching in education.

It was the subject of Shutler’s doctoral thesis, and a concept he is passionate about.

He believes leadership coaching would be valuable for teachers and principals in every school system.

“If we show up to work ourselves in the right head space, if we show up engaged and enthusiastic, inherently that’s going to make us better leaders. Because what we want to create at Union Local is not just leadership at the top. We want to create leadership throughout. And the best teams have leaders at every level.”

Zac Shutler | Union Local School Superintendent

He says, in business, it’s common for CEOs to have executive coaches.

And in the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings have a whole wing of their building dedicated to sports psychology and leadership skills for their players.

So he says if it’s important in other fields to perform optimally, it should be equally important for educators, who perform daily in front of their students.

In his words, “We’ve got to start taking it seriously as educators.”