MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. — (WTRF) One local animal shelter is taking the Betty White Challenge to a whole new level. In addition to the fundraiser, they’re working to find homes for all their furry friends.

On Monday, January 17, the Marshall County Animal Shelter is discounting their adoption fees in honor of Betty White’s birthday.

Michelle Marinacc is the President of the Marshall County Animal Rescue League and committee member of the Marshall County Animal Shelter.  

She says they take pride in finding a home for each animal, one that will benefit both the owner and the pet.

At the shelter they focus more on behaviors and needs and have a specialist who works on that particularly with the animals.

“We want to raise as many funds as we can for the care of the animals at the shelter, but, in addition to that, we are offering discounted rates, adoption fees for both the dogs and the cats.”

Michelle Marinacc, President of the Marshall County Animal Rescue League 

“I spend a lot of time going through our applications and I tell all my people to see exactly what they’re looking for, characteristic traits as opposed to breed traits. I learn the dogs, learn what their behaviors are, what their energy level is, and then I try to match them with the perfect home.”

Mandy O’Neil, Dog Enrichment Specialist at Marshall County Animal Shelter

They hope to find the perfect fit for all of their animals and end this coming Monday with an empty shelter.

They are also asking for donations so they can continue helping all of their four-legged friends.