BELMONT COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF) – From Northern Italy to Lansing, Ohio, one local family has brought nearly a century of excellence in wine making right here to the Ohio Valley. Now they’re about to throw a massive party and everyone is invited.

Generations of dedication go into every bottle from the Vino di Piccin Winery.

“Our grandparents immigrated from Italy, from a small village called Vittorio Veneto. They brought over with them all of the traditions of wine-making, sausage and salami. My dad and my uncle instilled in us so we continued that tradition. The winery was basically opened to honor that tradition and our parents.”

John Piccin, Owner/ Operator, Vino di Piccin

That long standing tradition is on full display at the Vino di Piccin Winery. It’s located on Route 40 in Lansing, the town that the Piccin Family has called home for generations.

“I always tell people, I grew up in the best place in the best time ever. My Dad was a barber and my Mom was the town post master. Both of the businesses were connected to our house. So growing up you never knew who was going to be at the dinner table and they were always enjoying a glass of wine with my Dad.”

John Piccin, Owner/Operator, Vino di Piccin

To honor the memory of Fritz and Evelyn Piccin, there seven children started the winery, which some now call the best kept secret in the Ohio Valley.

“John and Lou and the Whole family are great. It’s the best wine around. It’s the best atmosphere. It’s just a fun place to come, for entertainment, for food, their meat and cheese trays.”

Jim Berze, Musician/Performer

With the help of friends and family, they make and bottle 16 different types of wine at their on-site facility. It’s made from the finest quality of grapes from California, Ohio and the State of Washington. They are purchased during peak growing season. The care and dedication that goes into each bottle is what their customers say sets their wine apart.

“The big wineries or the big chains do it to make a profit. These guys do it because they love it. Their parents come from Italy. I got to meet their mom which was a great honor for me. So it’s the love they put into this. There are no short cuts. That’s why I drove three hours to drink this wine. This is better stuff.

Randy Gilley, Columbus Ohio

Now mark your calenders because Vino di Piccin will kick off their spring season with a massive St Patrick’s Day Celebration. Saturday March 18th they will open the doors to their working winery for a party that will include great food and live entertainment.

Entertainment will include some of the area’s top bands. They will have Eli and the Mojo Kings, the Ron Retzer Trio and MSM.

And of course their soon to be famous green slushies will be available as well.