WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)- Ohio County Development Association recently tentatively approved negotiations with Longhorn Steakhouse to move into the former Logan’s Roadhouse area.

County Commissioner Zach Abraham says, “pending final negotiations with our third party, Century Equities to get the deal finalized, it could be a go.”

It would be the newest addition to The Highlands since the Highlands Sports Complex, which Abraham says has been busier than ever.

The Sports Complex isn’t even a year old but Abraham says it’s been a huge hit and it’s success brings more people into the area, which is a huge win.

Several weekends now, from now until I think through June are completely booked, so we’re excited about that. If you haven’t been over there you can’t even find a parking space. It’s really good for the businesses up at the highlands and the greater Ohio County and wheeling area.

Zach Abraham, Commissioner | Ohio County

Abraham says the past months have been packed thanks to the Sports Complex and the tournaments that drive people in from across the country.