WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF)-Our view of space just got even bigger. The newest batch of images from NASA goes farther into the cosmos than anyone has ever seen.

Images of space can certainly ‘wow’ anyone, but imagine if you could see the beauty of it all in even more exquisite detail ?That’s exactly what NASA’s Webb Space Telecope images capture.

One shows a “deep field” image. It captures several stars and extremely distant galaxies, and another shows an image of a foamy blue and orange dying star. A number of other distant stars and galaxies have also been taken by the Webb Telescope.

Local astronomer Charles Wood says the depth and beauty of these images don’t even compare to the images the Hubble Telescope takes.

“Webb takes us now to the front door, where the universe somehow came into existence. nobody knows how, and then it expanded very rapidly. So, we’re getting the first chapter in the history of the universe.”

Charles Wood, Local astronomer

Wood says the Webb Telescope is a step up from Hubble because it uses infrared light, which can cut through dust and can also detect galaxies as far back at the beginning of time.