WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — In Ohio County Schools, there are going to be some new faces protecting our kids this school year. But the experience these prevention resource officers are bringing with them is invaluable.

They are retired law enforcement officers who want to once again give back to their community.

Madison Elementary is welcoming back a prevention resource officer that once spent much of his career keeping the kids at Madison safe.

Since Officer John Haglock is already known by many, parents and teachers will trust him to keep their students safe.

Officer John Haglock has built quite the resume since he first became a PRO.

Haglock was named as rookie PRO of the year, PRO of the year and received an award from the U.S. Attorney’s office for the top kids award.

The ability to bring retired officers like Haglock back is something that the school system is very happy about.   

“We’ve been very fortunate, there’s a statute in our state code that allows retired law enforcement officers to work in schools as PRO’s, school safety officers, whatever we want to call them.”

Rick Jones – Assistant Superintendent Ohio County Schools

Officer Haglock talked about his career and just how special it is to help educate and impact the kids he works with.

“I’m ecstatic; you know I had an awesome career at West Liberty University working with the college kids up there and it’s great. But, working down here with the little ones and being able to make an impact in their life and help them for the future just is an awesome challenge and an awesome goal.” 

John Haglock – New PRO for Madison Elementary

The Assistant Superintendent of Ohio County Schools shared just how much everyone at Madison enjoys having Officer Haglock around.

“The kids like him, the parents like him, the teachers all liked him here. So, when this opportunity came up, he was very interested, and we were able to put him right back in the school where he spent a lot of time.”

Rick Jones – Assistant Superintendent Ohio County Schools

Officer Haglock said that he cherishes the lifelong impact that he has on the students.

“One of the favorite parts about the job is as you grow and as the children grow and you’re out in the community, and they come up, and they still want to hug you or tell you about their lives and how they’re doing well or maybe the impact that you had in their life to help them become a better person.”

John Haglock – New PRO for Madison Elementary

Officer Haglock said he is looking forward to being with his Madison Elementary family once again for a brand-new school year.