Marshall County talks re-entry levels, from heading back to normal class to fully remote

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MARSHALL COUNTY, W.VA. (WTRF) — Marshall County Schools just announced a game plan for re-entering class and they’re asking parents to study up!

Everybody wants their child to be in school.

Shelby Haines, Marshall County Schools Superintendent

Hoping for a one… That level is life as normal, as if the pandemic vanished. To the dreaded level four; completely remote following a mandated shutdown by the Governor.  

Level two would mean students attend Monday Tuesday, with a cleaning day Wednesday. And then students come back Thursday and Friday. Level 3 means half the students would come Monday, Tuesday with an intense cleaning Wednesday. The second half of the students come Thursday and Friday so that we can increase social distancing within the schools.

Shelby Haines, Marshall County Schools Superintendent

Face shields, signs, and social distanced everything. It will be a learning curve for everyone.   

Let’s practice school. How will we act in school? How will we greet our friends? How will we sit at our desks?

Kids are quick learners. Once they do it a little while, they’ll get used to it.

Christie Robison, Vice President, Marshall County Board of Education

These levels help keep heads above water — But… It’s a weighty task to predict the future.

We will most likely be in every one of these levels before it’s all over with, because COVID is just very ever-changing.

Shelby Haines, Marshall County Schools Superintendent

The Health Department said July has seen a huge spike in cases… so let’s say school resumed tomorrow… where would we be on the scale?  

We might be close to a level 3 at this point because of the numbers we’re getting in. Like I said, 65 already, and we’ve already received additional positive results today. 

Mark Ackermann, Preparedness directory for Marshall County Health Department

The Health Department is thinking about offering another mass testing day closer to opening day September 8th, to get a more in-depth gauge.

Depending on the number of COVID Cases, the official re-entry level will be declared August 17th. So now it’s time to study up. 

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