BROOKE COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — A new EMS building is coming to Brooke County, and today, October 14, a special ceremony was held to ensure the new building has a strong foundation. 

A Masonic Cornerstone ceremony was held today by the Masonic Fraternity in Wellsburg at what will soon be the new site of the Brooke County EMS facility.

The ceremony is meant to provide a strong foundation for the building and the people working there.

The new building is being built in a central area of the county to allow EMTs to access different emergencies throughout the county more efficiently. 

The President of the Brooke County Commission shared the importance of having the ceremony.

“It’s really neat to see the juxtaposition of this very traditional ceremony, along with state of the art building. You know, it really highlights the importance of tradition as well as, you know, honoring what we’re doing here by trying to centralize our EMS facilities.”

A.J. Thomas | President, Brooke County Commission

The Commissioner said that the project has begun, and the hope is to complete the new site within a year.