WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — The McColloch’s Leap monument is refurbished and re-set–still on Wheeling Hill, but in a slightly different spot.

It’s at the top of the hill, oddly enough, right across from the statue of McColloch’s old rival–the Indian!

Historians say his “leap” was actually more of a “scoot”.

He didn’t force his horse to go airborne.

They slid their way down the hill to get away from the oncoming native Americans.

That was in 1777.

Now the monument that honors his escape has gotten a 140-thousand dollar refresh and relocation, because its former spot didn’t work well anymore.

“The road was widened prior to the opening of I-70. Heavy traffic and trucks were using National Road and the site just became inaccessible to visitors. And the condition of the monument, in so far as I know, had had no repair work done in 107 years.”

Jay Frey | President | Ohio County Sons of the American Revolution

So the Sons of the American Revolution raised the funds for the project.

They say they couldn’t have done it without a 50-thousand-dollar grant from the City of Wheeling, using American Rescue Plan funds.

Many other donors helped also–their names are on the back of the monument.

Now the monument is a good place to take a selfie with Samuel McColloch and his horse in the background.