OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Several local middle school teachers each received a $500 check tonight thanks to the McDonald’s Make Activities Count Grants.

The MAC Grants are given to help teachers fund interesting and educational projects for their students.

This year marks the 27th anniversary of the program, and has given out more than one million to teachers in the tri-state area, including over $85,000 to teachers in the Ohio Valley. Bob Stoltz, owner of the Elm Grove McDonald’s, says they are thrilled to be able to give these teachers some extra funding for their students.

“We’re really pleased, we’re really excited. There’s a lot of good ideas that these teachers bring forth, and they seem pretty fun and exciting for kids in the classroom.”

BOB STOLTZ, McDonald’s Owner

“I’m going to take my dissecting equipment and purchase new equipment for it because it’s starting to wear and that’s the kids favorite part of the year is to dissect. So I wanted to have new equipment for this year.”

LISA SCHLINZ, Teacher, Our Lady of Peace School

The teachers also received gift bags, and of course some McDonald’s gift cards. The winners are selected by a panel of educators that judge the submissions the teachers send in.