During COVID, people working in non profit organizations rose to the tremendous challenge of need.

But in the process, they experienced fatigue, exhaustion and burnout.

On Friday, many non profit workers were able to attend a mental wellness workshop at the Highlands Events Center.

The participants are people who love helping others, whether by running a soup kitchen or helping children after school.

So the workshop helped them focus on themselves.

They learned how to recognize their reactions to stress and how to develop coping strategies.

And they learned that self care is vital so they can stay strong to be able to continue helping others.

“Back in 2020, when the Community Foundation was doing some emergency grants to non profit organizations in our region, we received a grant application from an organization that provides direct service,” recalled Susie Nelson, executive director of the Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley. “And they were asking for funding for mental health treatments for the own employees. And that became a light bulb moment for us.”

So the CFOV  decided to do something to help the helpers.

They also received support from the River Valley Health Foundation and the Sisters of St. Joseph Health and Wellness Foundation.

To find out more, you can log on to workshopsforreallife.com.