A missing teen from Belmont County has been found according to local officials.

Belmont County officials say Hayden Booher is alive and is okay.

Officials say Hayden is now being classified as a runaway.


Officials have confirmed that a sixteen-year-old male is reported missing in the Ohio Valley.

A Public Facebook post say that Hayden Booher has been missing since Sunday morning

Police say Hayden was last seen after his shift at Richland Township Subway. Hayden wore his Subway t-shirt, blue jeans, and square-toe cowboy boots.

Central Dispatch located a cell phone tower ping within a three-mile radius of Main Street in Barnesville from hours on 07/30/2023. Hayden has shut his cell phone off since that ping, according to police.

A Facebook post says that Hayden left without taking anything with him.

Hayden has a cross-like tattoo on his arm/wrist and playing cards on his leg. He has brown hair and blue eyes and is weighing 160 and is 5’9.

Police also say Hayden has no known diagnosed medical conditions, and is prone to passing out if he doesn’t eat. Police also say he made suicidal statements to a friend approximately 2-3 days prior to going missing

Police say at this point all investigative leads have been exhausted until more are

If you have any information, please contact your local law enforcement.

(Video in the story is from previous coverage)