OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Today is National Popcorn Day. While it may not have the seriousness of President’s Day or the somber tone of Pearl Harbor Day, it is a designation of great importance to popcorn lovers everywhere!

Movie theaters offer freebies and discounts on popcorn every January 19th. But we went to a shop that truly specializes in this beloved snack. Mmm Popcorn in Wheeling sells ONLY popcorn.

“I always think about that first person that put the popcorn in the fire and things started exploding. It was probably pretty traumatic for them.”

Dave McFarland, Co-Owner, Mmm Popcorn

There’s no trauma here at Mmm Popcorn. 7 years into the business, customers have developed favorites. Especially one.

“The Buckeye Caramel. It’s a sea salted caramel with peanut butter and chocolate.”

Dave McFarland, Co-Owner, Mmm Popcorn

We learned there are two basic types of popcorn–the butterfly and the mushroom.

“So the butterfly is your standard looking popcorn. If you get a bag of microwave popcorn, that’s gonna be all butterfly popcorn. Sort of looks light and flaky. The mushroom popcorn is a bigger thicker kernel, very round. It’s also very durable.”

Dave McFarland, Co-Owner, Mmm Popcorn

They have 12 flavors–everything from coffee caramel to dill pickle. Mmm Popcorn can also help you with a fund-raiser.

“You know, if you’re a school or a team or a non-profit and you want to raise some extra money, then we do all the work as far as making the popcorn, you do all the work as far as selling the popcorn, and you get to keep some of the money for your organization.”

Betsy Bethel-McFarland, Co-Owner, Mmm Popcorn

They provide popcorn for weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers and baby showers. The puns on the bag are free.

“Thanks for popping by, he popped the question, about to pop!”

Dave McFarland, Co-Owner, Mmm Popcorn

The McFarlands love National Popcorn Day. They treat their customers to a discount.

The only flavor they don’t have? Plain old butter and salt. They say there’s a package of that in everybody’s kitchen. But if you do want it, call ahead and he’ll make it. They also serve it at fairs and festivals.