MICHIGAN (WTRF) — After months of harassing text messages to her daughter and boyfriend, a Michigan woman is arrested, according to a report by NBCNews.

Caught up in sending the messages, 42 year old Kendra Gail Licari, of Mount Pleasant was charged with two counts of stalking a minor and two counts of communicating with another to commit a crime, investigators at the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office stated.

The Isabella County arrest warrant was authorized December 8.

William Chilman IV, Beal City Public Schools Superintendent, said to reporters after Licari’s arrest that he was shocked and saddened that this could happen, but that the school and educators are making their student’s physical, mental, social and emotional well-being and learning their number 1 priority.

The ‘mean’ texts, in question, were recorded from September 13, 2021 to February 20, 2022. There were hundreds of texts that allegedly called Licari’s daughter and the boy her daughter was dating at the time, derogatory names.

The specific information stated in the messages indicated that they may have been sent by someone that they knew, according to the official report. Hateful speech was repeated many times and included phrases like, ‘kill yourself…’

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Licari allegedly hid her digital location with software that diverted the texts through different numbers and area codes. With help from the FBI the sheriff, they linked the threatening texts to an IP address from a Spectrum host in the Mt. Pleasant area. Their technology also pinpointed them to a user who opened the link with an Apple iPhone. Licari’s number was found attached to the IP address each time a message was sent to the two minors.

Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main and Detective Scott Clarke confronted Licari with the findings at her home August 10, and eventually said that “she got caught up in sending the messages and it just continued,” said the official report.

Licari asked the sheriff if the matter could be kept quiet and that others not find out about it, because she didn’t want her daughter to have to deal with the other students interacting negatively toward her. Main told her it would be public information.

Licari could not be reach for comment on the incident.

Chilman refused to say if the victim and Lacari had been living in the same home.

The charge of stalking carries a maximum penalty of five years in jail while the computer charge may add an additional 10 years.